Get ready for a muddy good time!  Mom and Dad will be cheering their little ones from the sidelines as they attempt to beat The Little Mud Ninja course.

This course is filled full of obstacles that will put the little ones in their natural element: a playground of mud!  The Little Mud Ninja Challenge is a melted down version of Mom and Dad’s. Little Mud Ninjas will have a blast as they conquer balance beams, mud slides, rope hangs, mud walls…. and more pits of mud!  The Little Mud Ninja’s will need to use their balance, skill and agility to keep from splashing!


Mom and Dad are welcome to walk the course with their child (as long as they have signed a waiver) or cheer them on from the sidelines.   No matter how you play the course, it will be a grand photo opportunity for all and will create a memory and a sense of accomplishment that will last a lifetime.

The cost to participate in the Little Mud Ninja Challenge is $24 and is for ages 2 -13.  Little Mud Ninja’s receive a Ninja Star Medallion.

Purchase tickets online. Please sign and bring a copy of the release waiver with you to save time during check in. Parents who wish to be on the course must sign the waiver