AUTISM SPEAKS – Our Charity Partner

The Mud Ninja provides you with the opportunity to fight more then just mud, insane obstacles and your inner self. By participating in The Mud Ninja Extreme Challenge you are helping battle autism.  Autism is a group of complex disorders that affect brain development, 1 in 88 American children is on the autism spectrum.  Early intervention with proven behavioral therapies can improve outcomes of those on the autism spectrum and help children lead fulfilled, passionate lives.

Mud Ninjas who raise over $250 for Autism Speaks will receive receive a MUD NINJA AUTISM SPEAKS CHAMPION t-shirt.

Via our registration platform, you can easily create a webpage to send to friends and family that asks them to financially support your insane idea to transverse 3.1 miles through barbed wired mud pits and obscene challenges in an attempt to beat the Mud Ninja.

Let them know you are raising the bar for yourself to do one of the hardest things you have ever done to help fight autism. In exchange for a donation, offer them photos of your exhausted, muddy self holding your hands up in victory at the finish line…if you make it there.

To create your own fundraising page CLICK HERE.

Our charity partner Autism Speaks receives a portion of the profits from the event, 100% of the donations and 100% of the funds received from the shoe collection.