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Awards and Swords:

As a response to feedback from Ninjas everywhere, Mud Ninja Swords will be awarded by age groups in 2018. The top 3 Ninjas in each age group by gender will receive a Mud Ninja Sword. Also, the top 3 overall male and female competitors will receive a limited edition Mud Ninja Sword. You must cross the finish line by 11:45 AM to qualify!

Team Discounts:

10 = 1 Free Entry
20 = 2 Free Entries
30 = 3 Free Entries

Create a team or attempt the challenge individually! Teams consist of four or more people. Awards will be given to the teams with the coolest names!

Team discounts are not valid in combination with any other special offer. There are no refunds issued under any circumstances.


Mud Ninja maintains the right to change or modify its location, dates, registration company, wave start times, awards, course, obstacles, fees, name of obstacles, wave length, course length, or any other event detail or policies it sees fit, as needed, with no prior or advanced warning. Upon registering for the Mud Ninja Challenge, you agree to these terms.